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Book blurb for The Divining Sisters Book 1 - The Call of the Cards

Alexandra Steele, a clinical psychologist, stumbles upon a mystical store in downtown, Memphis, TN, where she encounters tarot cards for the first time. She doesn't realize it at the time, but this simple encounter will leave her life forever changed as she uncovers a world of past life connections to the cards and the craft of divination. This sparks an awakening that opens door after door of a long line of mystic and witch incarnations that run throughout her history. As she reconnects to these deep mystical ties, she begins to learn about her destiny, which is revealed as she starts to encounter coven sisters and foes from previous incarnations. Will her tendency to hide in the shadows and play small continue to hold her back or will the call of the cards lure her onto her destined path of a life full of magic and sisterhood?

The Divining Sisters is a fictional divination series that follows a group of women who are witches, healers, and diviners in multiple lives, and they reincarnate lifetime after lifetime to reunite with their coven so they can fulfill a mission of keeping their craft of divination, healing, and magic alive for future generations. 

The series focuses on reconnecting w/ past life gifts, sisterhood, empowerment through facing fears, & learning to step out of the shadows to embrace their intuitive gifts that help them not only heal themselves but each other.

Trigger warning: This book series covers the historical witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts and all across Europe, delving into the harrowing details of the persecutions, accusations, and unjust treatment and torture that took place during those times. These scenes may be distressing for some individuals.  

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Book Trailer for Book 1 - The Call of the Cards